What's In My Bag: Nutritional Therapist Edition

Let's face it, we're all a little bit weird. We love knowing the details of one another's lives, like what we keep in our purses, for example. Just search "what's in my bag" on YouTube, and you'll find over 21 million (MILLION!!) videos of people detailing the random contents of their purse, murse, man-bag, backpack, European shoulder bag--you do you here. It's crazy. And yet, it piques our interests all the same. We want to know, what does the next person carry in their bag? Should I be carrying that in my bag too?? 

So without further ado, I'm here to share with you what I, as a nutrition nerd and overall normal human being, typically have in my purse. I like to be well prepared for things like snack emergencies, dry skin, chapped lips, workouts, proper hydration, etc. And if you're interested in snagging yourself some of what I carry around, you're in luck! I've linked everything to its source below. Enjoy your foray into my purse!

(Shown counter-clockwise)

  • Water bottle: Good hydration is soooo important. I never go anywhere without water. I prefer a metal bottle, as it holds up well if dropped (been there), doesn't have the questionable effects of plastics and BPA, and just plain looks nice and performs well. I scored this one at TJ Maxx, but you can find similar ones here (and just about anywhere stuff is sold).

  • Snacks: Easy to transport items that hold up well, like small clementines, Epic bars, Wild Zora bars, Rx Bars (Maple Sea Salt and Mint Chocolate are my faves) etc. Nuts are a great purse snack as well! As long as it's something that is nutrient dense and doesn't melt or spill, it's a good choice.

  • Hand Sanitizer + Thieves Spray*: Not all germs are bad. In fact, we want beneficial bacteria living on our skin, but we also need to be mindful of spreading and contracting the negative stuff. These options are great in terms of clean ingredients like essential oils, coconut and jojoba oils, but they also leave you sanitized without killing off all the beneficial stuff too.

  • Bah Hum Zum spray: This delectable scent came out around Christmas time, and is perfect year-round. Hints of almond and mint, it's a wonderful spray with just three ingredients: essential oils, purified water, and vegetable glycerin. Win, win, win. Works great as a room freshener or body spray, and isn't assaulting to the senses like many chemical-laden sprays.

  • Primal Life Organics hand repair: My hands are almost always dry, from multiple washings in the kitchen to the dry Colorado air. I always need a little extra moisture boost. This healing balm from Primal Life Organics is chock full of wonderfully nourishing ingredients like organic aloe and shea butters. It's an incredible product that travels well and gets the job done!

  • Tiny travel honey: Mostly because this tiny honey bear is sooooo cute! But also for coffee shop stops where a touch of honey is needed.

  • Written out workouts: I tend to get into a workout rut and repeat the same things. I keep a few different workouts written out for variety and motivation in the gym.

  • The BEST pens ever: I seriously love these pens. Perfect writing power.

  • Sunglasses. I reeaaaaally should keep these in a case...purchased these years ago from TJ Maxx.

  • Coconut oil/ghee blend: For coffee or tea, a little high quality fat source is excellent for mitigating that caffeine spike and giving you a slower burn without the crash.

  • Luscious Lip Support: I love a quality lip product with minimal ingredients. Shown here is my homemade tallow lip balm (similar found here), and a Beautycounter lip sheer: my new fave when it comes to simple color that performs exceptionally well, without questionable ingredients.

  • Small silicone travel tube: BPA-free, phalate-free, and food safe, I pack my own full fat coconut milk in one of these if I'm heading to a coffee shop.

  • Wallet: (duh) Pretty sure this one, which is completely falling apart and has been glued multiple times, has been in rotation since high school.

  • Wish Garden herbal tinctures: This company makes the most lovely tinctures, intended to gently support your body's own natural mechanisms. Some of my faves include their Genius Juice for mental clarity and Tension Headache, for obvious reasons. They have an incredible lineup of supports for whatever you need!

  • Young Living Deep Relief Roll-on*: This is a great travel tool full of nourishing essential oils for achy muscles.

  • Beautycounter Stick Sunscreen: Super easy to apply, blends well, and smells dreamy (this scent is sweet tooth), this is a great travel sunscreen that is free of the toxic chemicals found in most sunscreens.

  • Random boring stuff (not pictured): You know those random basics that float around in your purse: bobby pins, hair ties, nail clippers, Kleenex, tire pressure gauge (if you don't have one at least in your car, get one!! It's so useful), lady items, checkbook, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure! What are some of the random necessities you carry around? Let me know in the comments below! 

In loving health,






*If you'd like to know more about Young Living essential oils and products, feel free to reach out to me here and I'd be happy to assist you! 





Note: This post is NOT sponsored, but does contain affiliate links. The sole purpose is to help you find quality ingredients and products easily and take out some of the guess work. It is my hope that your experiences in the kitchen are free of stress and frustration, and this is my way of helping you get there. I also never advocate for anything that I have not used myself and don't 100% believe to be a quality item.