Period-Proof Undies: A Review

I've been pumped to share about these magical period underpanties of joy for some time now. I wanted to give them a good, solid run first so I could really truly give you the 4-1-1 on functionality, and the results are in--I'm HOOKED. Just to be very clear, I am not sponsored in ANY way by the makers of these period-proof undies. I just like passing along stellar things like this to you that I have found to be beneficial. If you've never heard of period-proof undies, the title alone might have you thinking "what on earth have I gotten myself into?" But rest assured, this review is 100% for your benefit, and I think you'll enjoy what's up ahead. Buckle up, buttercup!

Part of understanding and encouraging a healthy menstrual cycle includes giving your body good tools for a natural ebb and--you guessed it--flow! While getting your period may not be your favorite or most celebrated time of the month, understanding how the body works and loving it through the process only helps things run more smoothly. One key aspect of a healthy flow is in your flow itself. For many women, as soon as mother nature strikes, it's straight up the hoo ha with the lady sticks (tampons) to plug that mess up without a thought as to what that could actually be doing to the body. It's easy to just do what's necessary and muster through yet another cycle. 

But did you know that conventional tampons and sanitary napkins are bleached with chemicals that you are then placing in or near one of your body's most delicate areas? Our inner lady sanctum is a delicate membrane, meaning it easily absorbs everything you put in it/near it. So if you're going to go the tampon/conventional pad route, think unbleached, 100% cotton, and avoid anything scented, which can be a common irritant to this sensitive space.

Another aspect of this to consider is that the purpose of our period is to allow the uterus to regenerate and get rid of the old to make way for the new. When we inhibit this natural flow with a tampon, the body reabsorbs much of what its trying to get rid of in the first place. This natural flow is a sanitary process that allows the body to "clean house." So while using a tampon is not necessarily a bad thing--you have to do you, here--it might be worthwhile to consider other free-flowing options like a menstrual cup or these here magical undies!

For a few months, I had been seeing this line of Thinx period-proof underwear, claiming to completely change the way you experience your period. Intrigued yet skeptical would be an understatement! I mean, can a pair of period-strategic undies really take on the Flow Master General effectively? And nobody wants to deal with the blood bath that could ensue if not! Needless to say, it took me a little while to finally take the plunge and try a pair. But after determining that tampons, even the cleaner, safer kinds, were making my period cramps worse, I decided it was time. And I was fully prepared for the worst. I started with just one pair to see if this new concept was really for me, and let me just say, after one cycle, I immediately went back and purchased a full cycle set (which includes 3 pairs). I. Was. HOOKED. 

So what do these magical underpants really do, anyway? In Thinx' own words, they are logistically "anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant." In my own words: they make your period a much more enjoyable experience. Scout's honor. Because there's nothing hanging out up there causing discomfort, and if you take tampons out of your period equation, relying on pads day in and day out of your cycle becomes tedious and uncomfortable, too (not to mention allllll that waste over a lifetime of periods). Leave that wet diaper feeling to the babes. I wanted something much less tedious and far more comfortable, and Thinx panties delivered on all parts and then some. In short, their layered technology allows for optimum absorbency with zero stench or wetness. It truly is a magical experience that you'll never fully believe until you try it! But in the meantime, let me just answer a few of the questions I've received since giving these a go:

  • Do they really work? 

They really do! Thinx uses a multi-layer technology that absorbs, stays dry, and blocks any odor, all without any chemicals or things that could be disruptive to this delicate area. There are various style options that allow for more/less flow based on your needs. I have pushed these to the max, and still had no leakage. Also, if you experience some general leakiness (aka pee a little with laughing or sneezing), Thinx has a separate line for exactly that! Although regular Thinx could certainly work there, too. 

  • Does it feel like wearing a diaper?

Not in the slightest! You'd expect there to be more thickness, like a pad, but with their amazing layering technology, these feel just like any other pair of underwear. You can see and feel that there's a little more going on in the stitching at the crotch region, but level of comfort is not compromised. And the part closest to your delicates is made of pure, breathable cotton. 

  • Are they reusable?

This is perhaps the best part! Just wear, rinse, repeat. They're meant to last if cared for properly. It's recommended to rinse in cold water after use, then wash with delicates in cold water and hang to dry to best maintain the internal integrity of the layers. So much waste elimination!

  • How do you change them out in public/while traveling?

NOBODY wants to deal with a bloody mess, especially when out and about. My personal hack for this is to plan ahead and wear a pad if I'm going to be out and about, then rely on the undies to do the rest until I'm home and can change them more easily/comfortably. While you could probably finagle a change while you're out (maybe carry a baggie in your purse for the used pair), I personally find it much easier and stress-free to just use a pad or two and then gauge my time out to let the undies take over from there. 

  • Do they leak/smell/make you feel wet?

No, no, and mostly no. They're configured with a slightly tighter elastic edging to make sure you don't leak out, but not so tight that it's uncomfortable or cutting into your skin. Just tight enough that you feel protected! They range in volume capacity from holding 1/2 tampon's worth to up to 2, depending on the style you get. I've used the 1 1/2 tampon's worth variety and pushed them to the max with still no leakage. Everyone of course is different, so you have to experiment and find your limit. I've never experienced any smell whatsoever. I will say that they can feel a little damp at times, but this is mostly just when I'm nearing the end of their absorbency limit. 


If you're intrigued and you want to try Thinx for yourself, you can use my personal referral link and get $10 off your first purchase! This isn't an affiliate link, but just Thinx' way of supporting a happy, healthy period experience for all!

As I mentioned before, I'm not sponsored by Thinx in any way. I've just found these to be such an incredible period-hack that I had to share! If you're interested in learning more, definitely head to the FAQ page at to learn more.  They have loads of additional resources and reading info. These are my personal experiences, which I always find useful when I'm looking into trying a new product. Please feel free to comment with additional questions and I'd be happy to help! 


You flow, girl! Here's to a happy, healthy period.