Starting out with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), for which there is no clear cause and therefore no straightforward cure, I didn’t think I would ever find relief. Working with Ashley made me realize and experience that there can be relief, and then some! Reduced symptoms, reduced anxiety as a domino effect, a world of difference. As skeptical as I was, Ashley proved with patience and a good sense of humor that I have a say in how I feel. I couldn’t have done it on my own, challenging as it was. Ashley is a very positive influence who looks at more than just food, including characteristics, lifestyle, mindset and more. I am a moderately stubborn person and did not expect success. Ashley showed me I was wrong!
— Lynn
Working with Ashley was the greatest gift I could have ever given myself and my family! I learned how to take what I was already doing with our meals and make easy but important changes to increase the quality and nutritional value of our food. I originally started working with her for my daughter’s sake but quickly found that the changes I made helped me feel so much better. A lifetime’s worth of digestive issues I had just considered my “normal” are now virtually gone. Additionally, I feel so much more confident in the nutritional choices I make as a mom. I could not have done any of that without Ashley’s encouragement, support and passion for her work.
— Michelle
I first reached out to Ashley because I saw that she worked with real food, and not the typical shakes and supplements. I’d tried all the quick fixes and fad diets, and I was looking for something to set me up for a lifetime of health. Because I had never been “successful” in finding a lasting, healthy diet, I was still apprehensive but also hopeful when I began working with Ashley. Every expectation I had was blown out of the water. It was so wonderful to have someone side by side with me, looking at my symptoms and habits, and putting 100% of themselves into helping me get well. No one had ever cared that much about finding answers for me. She re-educated me on food and nutrition. My view on life/habits/exercise/food has changed so much in my time with her, and there is no going back! I am so grateful I took the leap and decided to get well.
— Hannah
A year ago I was covered head to toe with a burning, itchy rash. Certain medications only worked for a short time. Eventually, Dr. wanted to put me on the same drug used to treat Lupus and other cancers. I wanted to find the cause and see if natural healing was possible for me, so I contacted Ashley. She helped me discover how eating habits, food, lifestyle, and chronic stress were the culprits. Ashley guided me compassionately to eating whole foods that support not destroy my body. She strongly and empathetically walked with me through the process of loving myself, and gave me simple and practical ways to manage stress. Ashley went overtime to find resources that gave me explanations and support for every question I had, as well as resources that would give relief to my skin, as I healed from the inside out. She taught me food freedom, and to celebrate progress not perfection. My family and I are eternally grateful to God for anointing Ashley with knowledge and passion for empowering people to be their best whole self.
— Kathy
I have enjoyed learning how my body responds to food. I feel more in tune with my body’s needs and I no longer just eat to eat. My favorite part was seeing the difference between a regular, conventional egg and a pasture-raised egg. I really enjoy “fresh-from-the-cow” [raw] milk and learning about local farmers. I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and learned to dive into some new recipes. Ashley’s follow-up emails after our appointments are amazing, extremely thorough, and super helpful. Ashley is encouraging and backs up all her information with resources and is truly passionate about improving nutrition. Her tools are extensive and truly eye opening.
— Annette
Working with Ashley was a God-send. I started watching her own nutrition journey on social media and was inspired to reach out to her for help. She met me where I was at, getting to the core of some of my nutrition issues. She asked lots of questions and gave in-depth and thorough feedback as she truly wanted to tailor a program to my personal needs. She was so encouraging, didn’t chastise me when I fell off the wagon, and provided the accountability I needed. I learned so much from my time with Ashley, taking away information that I will truly use for life. If it weren’t for Ashley, I don’t know that I ever would have been able to break my unhealthy view of food. I now know health isn’t ‘skinny.’ It is filling my body with nutrient-dense foods, drinking plenty of water, and listening to how my body responds to foods.
— Anna
It’s pretty easy to want to start eating and living a healthier lifestyle, but for me anyways, as soon as I get to the grocery store I am immediately overwhelmed by all the different options. Not only that, but finding recipes online that call for all these strange ingredients that will keep you in the store searching for an extra 30 minutes is more of a commitment than anyone has time for. Ashley has done a tremendous job in simplifying this process for me. She has not only taught me about nutrition and what my body needs, but also how and where to find what I need and how to use it! She is incredible at what she does, and I am so grateful for her influences in my kitchen.
— Morgan