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What is "nutritional therapy?" 

Nutritional therapy provides a holistic, get-at-the-roots approach to health by gathering in-depth diet and lifestyle information from you to develop a bio-individual protocol for achieving and maintaining overall health and wellness. I aim to address your most pressing health concerns. Together, we will bring the focus back to a whole food, nutrient-dense, properly prepared diet with a balance of quality fat, carbs and protein, while also addressing things like adequate sleep, hydration, and stress management. 

The focus will be on foundational pillars to health, such as digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, fatty acid balance, and hydration. We achieve this by directing our attention on dietary and lifestyle changes, and finding the things that do and don't work for you. 


What can nutritional therapy do for me? 

With nutritional therapy, the goal is to find the right foods to fuel your body, as well as to weed out the things that just aren't working for you. By gathering unique lifestyle info from you in the form of a food journal, nutritional assessment questionnaire, and extensive initial interview, we will begin to lay out the pieces of your root health concerns and work to develop a uniquely tailored protocol to fit your individual needs. We'll further this process as a client/practitioner team with nutritional support. By laying the groundwork with proper nutrition and addressing key areas of concern, we will continue to strengthen those foundational pillars. 

The goal with nutritional therapy and our work together is to guide you by providing the tools and information necessary to get you in tune with your body and empower you to take back your own health. 


How does a nutritional consultation work? 

Prior to our first consult, you will fill out the assessment tools mentioned above (food journal, online nutritional assessment questionnaire, initial interview). Using these tools, we will meet (either online or in person) to go over the results and map out the best nutritional plan for you based on your individual needs. Much of this initial consult is also just for you to address your health concerns and be heard. 

With the food journal, you will track all meals, snacks, and beverages for a period of time, including how you feel after eating. This gives us a good starting point for specific recommendations and improvements to your dietary habits. The nutritional assessment questionnaire is an in depth health questionnaire (approx. 320 questions) that pinpoints your individual areas of potential dysfunction. It covers things like Upper GI, Small Intestine, Liver/Gallbladder, Large Intestine, Adrenal, Male/Female Concerns, Diet, Lifestyle, and more, allowing us to determine the exact areas that need the most improvement. Based on your results, we generate a Symptom Burden graph that maps out trouble areas in order of importance, starting with a focus on adequate digestion. This bio-individual approach ensures you’re getting the best for your body. I'll offer dietary and lifestyle recommendations and we’ll work together to develop a plan that best fits you and suits your needs, while working to get you feeling your best.  Subsequent consults are typically every two weeks, depending on the plan, to gauge and monitor progress and add to or readjust your protocols as necessary. 


How do I get in touch with you?

You can contact me by using the simple form here to submit your questions. I also accept carrier pigeons or safely constructed smoke signals (only YOU can prevent forest fires). I love hearing from you and always respond to emails and inquiries. 


Can we work together if I live in another city, state, or country? 

Most definitely! I've worked with long distance clients with great success. We chat either over the phone or using Skype/Google Hangouts (I really like to see your face!) You'll still receive the same weekly email support as local clients. The majority of the consultation process is the same whether you're local or long distance. Don't let something as small as location keep you from moving forward and working towards your best health!


What "diet" do you follow? 

"Diet" to me is not a strict and stringent set of rules, but rather a lifestyle. Your diet is what you eat every day. I don't follow fads or quick fix food fetishes of any sort, but rather strive for a well-balanced, nutrient dense and colorful palate every day. What this looks like is quality meat, eggs, and fish (locally sourced when I can, grass fed, pastured, wild-caught, free of antibiotics and hormones), lots of veggies (some organic, some not, local again if possible), fruits, the occasional gluten-free grains, nuts on occasion, and probiotic-rich add-ons like sauerkraut and kombucha.

If I had to label it (which I don't like doing), my daily diet would be very close to modified Paleo. The gist really encompasses whole, quality, minimally processed foods. I followed a strict autoimmune protocol for 7 months to keep autoimmune thyroid symptoms in check. I never consume gluten, processed white sugar, most dairy, or any rancid vegetable oil blends (to the best of my ability). My decisions around food have come with experimentation, discovering what does and doesn't work for me, and plenty of ongoing education. I totally enjoy treats, generally homemade so I know what's in them and can make them extra nutrient-rich. I try to consume these things mindfully and don't view them as "cheats" or "rewards." In a nut shell, I eat a lot of really delicious food. I don't feel deprived, but rather enjoy being able to source, make, create, and consume amazing, quality, beautiful foods. 

You are your own best tool for figuring out what does and doesn't work in your diet. I'm happily here to help you on that journey. Learn how here


What are your favorite foods?

Ugh. I have always been terrible at picking a favorite in anything. I feel so bad for the other things left behind. Some foods I really enjoy include: Japanese white sweet potato, venison, duck eggs, Siete chips, homemade chocolate chip cookies, Cappellos brand gluten-free sheep's milk pizza, beets, plantains, shepherd's pie, and so much more....see what I mean?? Favorites are too hard. I could talk food with you all day long. 


Cats or dogs? 

Oh heavens. Dogs all the way. Is this really even a question?? Check out my Instagram for lots of cuteness from my mini dachshund/maltese Loca. 


Coffee or tea? 

Depends on the day! I really enjoy a quality, locally roasted French press style brew, blended with a little full fat coconut milk. I have learned that sometimes my body can't handle coffee/caffeine as well, so I love making matcha, rooibos or earl grey tea lattes. Fun, quirky, local coffee shops are my jam, and you'll usually find me with coconut milk in my purse for just such occasions.